How we met

It all started at The Wilds during the summer of 2011. Keith was a lifeguard. I worked in the office. We had seen each other around and talked a few times, but didn't really know each other well. Every week I would go to JBC in the evening to see my prayer cabin. Keith would always stop by while on trash run. One week, a group of us were standing around talking when a small junior camper came up to us and asked Keith and I to each grab one of his hands. We did, and the camper linked our arms and yelled out "You're engaged!" and ran away, unaware of what he had started. 

We both kinda laughed about it, and I didn't think much of it. But later that evening in the staff lounge, Keith "proposed" with a handmade coffee-straw ring. The fake engagement turned into a running joke for the rest of the summer, and we ended up becoming friends.

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